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Agile Rig & Modules provides electrical, automation and mechanical system packages, and is a contractor and supplier of products, projects and services to drilling rigs, vessels, oil service and energy companies

Our business is about being a reliable partner for our customers, and working with customers to find the optimal solutions for their needs and requirements. As a provider of complete solutions, we are the one partner customers need all the way from engineering to fabrication, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance. 

Our ambition is to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions and execution know-how, and to grow as a result of successful projects and customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we practice a hands-on philosophy, focusing on a proactive approach, proximity to the customer, maintaining regularity and providing effective and valuable solutions . 

Our references prove that we have the experience, competence and resources to provide automated products and solutions and execute complex multidiscipline projects. We are nonetheless determined to continuously improve our performance, based on a comprehensive HSE and quality policy, which makes HSE, customer satisfaction and advanced technology solutions the top priorities in all our activities. Combined with dedicated and active owners, this makes Agile Rig & Modules a partner to be trusted.

Bjørn Torkildsen


Trond Jordanger


Morten Solland


Knut Korsbø

Manager Rig

Mail: knut.korsbo@agilerig.no

Jarle Kommedal

Manager HVAC

Mail: jarle.kommedal@agilerig.no

Kenneth Eichner

Manager Service

Mail: kenneth.eichner@agilerig.no

Tor Johansen

Manager Bergen

Mail: tor.johansen@agilerig.no

Hans Bjørnar Tvedt


Mette Hetle

Manager HR

Mail: mette.hetle@agilerig.no

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We shall be a first class supplier to maritime and offshore industries